Meet our team

Manhattan Prep is full of the best kinds of people—not that we’re biased. This passionate, curious, talented, & driven group makes up the heart of what we do.

Step Into Our Office

Even though we offer classes all over the world, our NYC office is our home base. This open-plan loft in Chelsea is where we plan courses, film Interact videos, come up with new products, write code, answer student questions, and (so much) more.

We take our work seriously

We’re always balancing things like:

📚📝 classes and tutoring sessions

🧠💭 brainstorms and impromptu team meetings

We also like to have fun doing it

On any given day in the office, you might see:

👯👯‍♂️ people wandering around to each other’s desks to talk about everything from last night’s football game to some weird Youtube video that everyone needs to watch, like, NOW

🍕🍻 one of our fabled MPrep office parties (test prep people like to let loose, too)

🧙‍♂️🛡️ a Magic: The Gathering match, part of our (politely competitive) ongoing tournament

🍫🍰 some kind of group taste-test, which happens strangely often (we’re especially passionate about desserts)

Interested in joining our team?