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LSAT-Flex: Everything You Need to Know



When LSAC canceled the April LSAT, they also announced a new take-from-home LSAT, called the LSAT-Flex. The information about LSAT-Flex didn’t come out all at once, so we thought we’d collect all that information for you in one place (here!).

Read on to learn about when and how LSAT-Flex will be administered, and our best advice to estimate your score and prepare for this unprecedented 3-section LSAT!

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How to Improve Your LSAT Score


improve your LSAT score

I know, I know — could I have made a more terribly generic title??? This is kind of the holy grail of test preparation: a one-stop, explain everything article that immediately gives all the answers to how to improve scores on test day!

And I wish I could write that post. I really, really do. But sadly, this won’t have all the answers. 

It will, however, have some of the answers! As you read, I would imagine at least one of the answers will sound like a ‘common sense’ or ‘captain obvious’ recommendation. If you’re wondering why I still feel it’s worth writing here, just know that I speak here from too many observations of people severely hindering their progress when they neglect one or more of the following ideas. 

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The LSAT Digital PrepTests are (Finally) Here!


lsat digital preptests

In the first week of March, 2020, LSAC launched a robust digital practice platform. Amidst all the turmoil of the last few weeks, the launch went largely unnoticed. To be frank, it’s not a great time to announce an exciting new product. 

What it most certainly is a great time for, however, is more digital practice tests! With students worldwide extending their study by weeks or months, this is a welcome time for new digital material to go live. LSAC is now offering a $99 subscription service called “Official LSAT Prep Plus.” In this blog post, I’ll introduce you to this exciting resource.

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Coronavirus LSAT Updates


coronavirus LSAT

Update 4/29: The June 8th in-person LSAT has been canceled. If you were registered for the June exam, you have been automatically registered for a June LSAT-Flex administration which will take place on June 14th or 15th. Scores will be released on June 30th. See the “LSAT-Flex” section of this blog for more information.

At Manhattan Prep, we’ve been closely monitoring the effects of COVID-19 in our communities. This is an immensely difficult time and our thoughts are with all those who are impacted. Our top commitment is to the health and safety of our employees, our students, and our partners.   Read more

What Does the LSAT Test?


what's tested on the LSAT

If you adhere to the official “line”, the LSAT tests your initial aptitude for the types of tasks you will be graded on in law school. Essentially, it is intended to offer predictions on your likelihood to succeed (i.e., get good grades) in your law school classes. 

And it does that fairly well—at least law school admissions offices seem to think so!

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Law School and the LSAT in Your 30s



Going to law school at 30 or above can be a daunting decision for a myriad of reasons:

  • Social ostracization – no one is looking forward to being “the old person” in their class.
  • Opportunity cost – you might be making a decent living by this point, so sacrificing that income while you spend three years in law school is a steep cost to factor in.
  • Kids/mortgage – you might have way more obligations of time and money than you did in your 20s.
  • Neural plasticity – you might worry that you’re becoming an “old dog who can’t learn new tricks.”
  • The LSAT – some stupid test plays a huge role in your admissibility to top law school programs.

But there is good news:

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Top Tips to Balance LSAT Prep & Your Personal Life


Manhattan Prep LSAT Blog - Balancing LSAT Study and Your Life by Ally Bell

The number-one problem facing most of my LSAT students isn’t what you might think. It’s not nightmares about Logic Games with fifty rules or Reading Comprehension passages with teeth. It’s not learning inferences, Conditional Logic, or common flaws. It’s balancing LSAT study with their personal lives. Read more

When to Take the LSAT


When to take the LSAT

You’ve decided to go to law school. Excellent! Now you need to take the LSAT, and you’re doing your homework to find out what this test is all about. One question on your mind right now is, “When should I take the LSAT?” In this article we’ll look at a few different factors that will help you decide when to take the test. Read more

New LSAT Strategy Guides Are Here!


LSAT strategy guides

Since the LSAT went Digital in Sept of 2019, we at Manhattan Prep have been working furiously to figure out the best new strategies to share with our students. I’m pleased to announce that all that hard work is about to hit the shelves in the form of our new, fully-updated, Manhattan Prep LSAT guides. These new and improved guides are included with all of our Manhattan Prep LSAT classes, tutoring packages, and self-study programs.  

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“I Can’t Focus When I Read on the LSAT” and Other Lies You Tell Yourself


LSAT active reading

We’ve all experienced the dreaded mind drift. You read an entire paragraph only to realize you have no idea what you just read. You could not even express the general topic, much less the author’s main points. 

For many, this “lack of focus” is pervasive. It can happen throughout the RC or LR section, on only the hardest passages, or whenever you feel most tired and/or frustrated. So many students decide that they’re just slow readers or can’t concentrate well enough and stop pushing to improve their reading on the LSAT. But like all the other things the LSAT tests, reading processes can be improved. 

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