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GRE Math Prep

Foundations of GRE® Math

Learn GRE math. Fast. The workshop to supercharge your GRE Math prep.

Boost your prep with Foundations of GRE Math™, your crash course for GRE Math basics. If you haven’t done math in a while or are early in your study, this course covers your GRE quantitative foundations. Let’s knock out your GRE math essentials as efficiently as possible…because your time is valuable.


  • 6 hours of instruction from a 99th percentile GRE Expert
  • The 5 lb. Book of GRE Practice Problems
  • The Official Guide to the GRE
  • 6 Online GRE Practice Tests
  • The AfterMath™ syllabus to reinforce your skills post-workshop

Who You Are

Maybe you’re just starting out. Or maybe your test is just weeks away. But you’re definitely concerned about GRE Math. You want to make sure you know both the essentials and what to keep working on, and how.

You want to master the fundamentals of GRE Math in as little time as necessary.

Foundations of GRE Math is for you.

Content Covered

During the workshop, you’ll learn the fundamentals of

  • Number properties, including primes and exponents
  • Fractions, decimals, & percents, along with their applications
  • Algebra, including systems of equations, inequalities, and quadratics
  • Word problems, in particular statistics and probability
  • Three key strategies to attack Quantitative Comparison questions
  • Three key strategies to attack Discrete Quant questions

The AfterMath™

What about after the workshop? Don’t worry. You’ll come away knowing what you know and what you don’t, which is key to continued learning.

Our AfterMath materials pick up where the workshop ends. You’ll have plenty of worksheets to practice applying the content you learned.

And your AfterMath syllabus will guide and focus your work on your remaining areas of need, so you’ll be ready come test day.

Get up to speed.