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Boost your score with LSAT® CrunchTime™

Are you ready for the LSAT? Our CrunchTime workshops will give you the boost you need to feel confident on test day.

Our CrunchTime workshops focus on maximizing your studies and skills in the final weeks before your exam. If you’ve already learned most of the LSAT strategy, but need that extra boost to head into test day with confidence, these workshops are for you.

    Students who are about to take the LSAT and need a last-minute study boost.

Available CrunchTime Workshops

Logical Reasoning & LSAT Strategy


Learn general strategy tips for the exam and how to spend your last couple weeks. The Logical Reasoning lesson will focus on strategies, tips, and general rules to get you through each question type on test day.

Logic Games


Review the strategies to use for each game type, and how to adapt your diagrams to deal with any twist the LSAT can throw at you on test day. Also, see strategies for tackling questions, finding inferences, and managing time.

Reading Comprehension


Warm up with some active reading drills before diving into a few passages. Watch experts work through several difficult passages and compare your process to theirs to see where you can improve. Also, learn strategies for tackling some of the more difficult questions on the section (Analogy, Application, and Strengthen/Weaken).

Expert Instruction and Support

Our world-class instructors will help you maximize your potential and apply your knowledge under pressure. Each CrunchTime workshop includes:

  • Two expert instructors, one to provide live instruction & advice, the other to answer questions
  • A section-specific overview of the major LSAT themes and strategies
  • A review of key concepts you need to master before test day

“Game Day” Strategy

  • A section-specific “cheat sheet” to enhance your last-minute studying
  • An outline of the effective ways to manage your time
  • An LSAT overview document, covering the section for the CrunchTime session in which you enroll

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