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Frequently Asked Questions About LSAT Prep

100%. Manhattan Prep is a premier provider of LSAT, GMAT, EA, and GRE test prep with unparalleled faculty and an innovative approach to the test. Every Manhattan Prep LSAT instructor has scored in the 99th percentile on an official LSAT. On top of that, they all have years of teaching experience both in and beyond the world of test prep. That outstanding faculty is behind all of our books, lessons, and study tools. They’ll teach you to ace the LSAT just like they did!

Manhattan Prep LSAT’s comprehensive programs range in cost from around $800 for LSAT Interact, our interactive video-lesson package, to around $1500 for our live course.

Absolutely! An investment in LSAT prep is an investment in your future. The LSAT is a skills-based exam that measures your ability to read critically, reason logically, and do it all at breakneck speed. Why? Because these are the skills you need to succeed in law school! The thing is, many undergraduate programs don’t concentrate on these skills, which is why law schools tend to rely on LSAT scores more heavily than GPA. Think of LSAT prep as law school brain training. Invest in it now, and you’ll thank yourself later when the acceptance letters (and scholarships!) are rolling in.

A good LSAT score is the one that gets you into your dream school! For some programs, nothing under a 170 will do: That’s a score that only 2% of test-takers achieve on official exams. For other programs, a 160 is a good score. That’s an 80th percentile score, meaning a 160 beats out 80% of your fellow test-takers.

It depends on how much you need to move your score! You can’t cram for this test because it’s not a “memorize then regurgitate” exam. The skills it measures can’t be built overnight. That’s why Manhattan Prep’s standard LSAT course length is almost three months, though we also offer accelerated courses, tutoring packages, and comprehensive self-study programs that you can complete in as little as 6 weeks. 

The LSAT isn’t a pass or fail exam. It is scored on a scale from 120-180. The median score varies slightly from one exam to the next, but tends to hover around 150. Most law schools do not accept candidates without above-median scores, while many others require scores in the 160s and above.

It depends on your needs! And no matter what you need, Manhattan Prep has got your back. If you’re highly self-motivated and can keep yourself on track over an extended period of study, Manhattan Prep’s LSAT Interact might be the perfect fit. If you prefer to collaborate directly with an expert who can analyze your performance in class and help you stay on track for months of prep, Manhattan Prep’s Live Online Complete Course might be a better match. And if you want a custom program tailored to meet your exact needs, a tutoring package, either as a stand-alone or an add-on to our Interact or Complete Course programs, will ensure you get the attention you need to reach your full LSAT potential.