Daniel Yudkin

New York, NY


  • Williams College
  • New York University (Ph.D.)

Daniel has been a test prep instructor for seven years, ever since he started tutoring the SAT while living in Paris, France. Daniel is in the final stage of a Ph.D. program in social psychology at NYU, where he uses science to try to understand why humans do the things they do. His topics of interest include how and why people obsessively compare themselves to others, when people take risks and explore the unknown, and how people decide between right and wrong.

In his spare time, Daniel enjoys writing popular science articles about psychological phenomena for such publications as Scientific American, the Huffington Post, and his blog, TheQualiast.com.

He is also a devoted jazz pianist and vocalist, and can occasionally be heard singing classic Sinatra-style American standards in dimly lit bars around New York.

What students are saying

“Daniel is super friendly and engaging, in addition to being very open and willing to help us individually.”

What students are saying

“Daniel is very good at explaining the basics of complex problems, so that you can understand them better.”

What students are saying

“He has a good sense of humor and never makes you feel silly if you answer a question incorrectly.”